Stop wasting money on sh!#&y solutions!

Does thinking about your website’s ROI make you want to bash your head against the wall?

If so, you’re not alone. There are a lot of business owners out there with similar headaches. Maybe you’re not getting the results you expected, or maybe you’re not getting results at all. Maybe good things are happening but it’s costing way too much. Maybe you thought that the spending would stop once your web design was finished – what’s with all these administrative requirements?!

The bottom line is that if you feel like your money is leaving your bank account a lot faster than it’s coming back in, it’s time to ditch the Aspirin and shake things up.

Welcome to Acro Media Inc. Here we can help you with:

  • more leads
  • a lower bounce rate
  • a higher conversion rate
  • impactful online branding
  • a marketing strategy
  • improved ROI!
  • reduced head pain
  • renewed hope

Take a deep breath and give us a call. Or, drop by our Kelowna or Vancouver location and let’s hammer out a plan together. We’ll help you turn this baby around.

Tired of watching the competition hoard your online share?

Yep. Who wouldn’t be?

So, what’s happening for you? Are your customers having a hard time finding your site? Is your Google ranking poor? Are you in the dark about your statistics yet pretty sure you’re doing worse than everyone else’s?

There are lots of things that can contribute to a site’s ineffectiveness, but often the key factor is crappy Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM and all its fixings is a cornerstone of site performance. If you have a beautiful web design that doesn’t know how to capitalize on Internet marketing, you’ve got a problem and we’ve got something to talk about.

From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, site visibility is directly related to effective marketing. The trick is being familiar with the different components of SEM and understanding how – and when – to use them successfully. For instance, one of the most effective online marketing techniques of late is Display Advertising. Display Advertising involves posting eye-catching visuals that promote your company on other websites that target a product or demographic similar to yours. Are you using display ads? Only you can answer that. Should you be using them? Now we have ourselves a conversation.

Maybe your site already incorporates several SEM techniques. But does it do so correctly?
The search engines use strict and inflexible criteria in their algorithms and the rules change regularly. Did you know that Googling “Vancouver web design” and “web design Vancouver” brings up different results (or at least differently-ranked results)? You did? Well good for you. Do you know what to do with that knowledge? Maybe a conversation is in store.

If you want to find out more about the following services and how they can benefit your site, Get in touch or stop by and see us at our Kelowna or Vancouver location.

(If you’re already happy with your site ranking and you have no interest in dramatically increasing your visitors, skip this).

  • SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising
  • Display Advertising (Coincidentally, Acro Media happens to excel at creating detailed targeting systems for display ads . . . )
  • Social media exposure
  • Link building
  • XML sitemaps

Rather get a root canal than try to update your content?

An inflexible platform can cause even the most valiant of us to dread making site changes. Either you struggle through the attempt on your own, fighting with platform limitations every step of the way, or you turn the edits over to your programmer and watch your money sail out the window. Both options suck. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Sometimes you need something different. Something a little more out of the box. Something it doesn’t take a degree to figure out. So why settle for less? Why not seek out a personalized e-commerce solution?

We can easily set up a user-friendly platform for you to manage your edits and updates without wishing for a numbing agent. Or, we can free up your time by taking content management off your hands completely. We can help with site administration, troubleshooting, ad hoc requests, ongoing challenges. There are options. We have lots of them.

Drop us a line and let’s chat about some of the following offerings. Or swing by our Kelowna or Vancouver location!

  • Content Management System Installation
  • Ongoing marketing campaigns
  • Retained Service Agreements
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Ongoing support

Feeling ignored? Unimportant? Abandoned? Wondering if your agency broke up with you?!

Sometimes when you’re looking for a solution, one option stands out. Other times, there are so many choices it feels impossible to decide. In Kelowna, web design services are ample, but not overpowering. Web design in Vancouver is a different matter. There, words such as Vancouver, website design, and customization get thrown about nearly as often as Stanley Cup, Canucks and fat chance. With similar-sounding promotions coming from every angle, finding the right agency can be as disheartening as rooting for an ill-fated local team.

Working with the “right” agency can make all the difference to the success of your project. If you’ve already had the unfortunate experience of hiring a web designer or a programmer who didn’t get back to you when you needed him or her, then you’re familiar with the toil and turmoil a poor partnership can cause.

One of the best ways to weed through the choices is to sit down and have a conversation with the agencies you’re considering. Explain what you need. Ask questions. Be up front. If it feels like the agency is treating you the same way, you’re well on your way to creating a thing of beauty.

Want to give it a try? Give us a shout or come on in to our Kelowna or Vancouver location.

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#Easter is upon us, and so is the final weekend of #TheEggsFactor! Design your own #egg for a chance to win an #ipad