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Ya, we know the online marketing industry has a bad rap, and rightfully so. The masses of companies that claim to be marketers because they can put a web page together or build a couple of links have earned this reputation.

We have a lot of work to do to earn your heart and your trust.

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Introducing the Vancouver SEO Specialists

Developing a comprehensive web presence is more important than ever in the modern business environment. No one uses the phone book any more, and that simple fact should get you running to new advertising platforms using the internet. Now if someone wants to look up a number, no matter how old they are, they will most likely use a smart phone or tablet or a standard computer.

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The good news is, developing an effective online presence is usually much less expensive than normal print ads - not that those should be given up completely! Our approach is to offer full scale online marketing strategies that compliment your overall approach to customer aquisition.

Some business owners are not familiar with the way SEO, or search engine optimization works. Not to worry, we are the specialists and that is exaclty what we are here for. Basically search ranking is what determines where you are when someone types in Toronto pizza delivery.

Will your pizza company be on the first page, and will it be on the map beside it? If you don't know, the answer is probably no. Acro Media is a premier Vancouver SEO company that can provide custom, scalable solutions to give you the advantages of a modern internet marketing strategy.

This involves reaching out to customers on multiple levels, including a website, a blog and at least one or two of the social media platforms. Implementing this strategy will require a couple of things - making sure that your website is not only good looking but functions smoothly and presents information in a clear, easy to find fashion is essential.

A blog and Facebook are also important, as you will use these different entities to link back and forth to each other. This increases the search engine ratings as long as it takes place within the context of good, relevant content.

They serve a deeper purpose than that though. Whether you are an online only retailer, a company that does business both at a brick and mortar store or a store that is exclusively local - like a pizza parlor or a stylists shop, what you want to do is develop a community of people who enjoy your brand. This can be especially gratifying on a local level - for instance, write a blog about an upcoming sale, and put the code in the blog.

Mention this on your Facebook account with a link to the blog and the website, and this creates a link to all three in very valuable, organic fashion. And, your customers may appreciate an offer on Friday night for a pizza half off special.

If your website and internet infrastructure is set up properly, it will be possible for you to announce instant sales like that if your Friday is going slower than usual, and you may be surprised how effective that type of teaser can be. Just imagine the hot donut signs at the donut restaurants - you know it's there, but when that sign turns on - you want a donut.

And when a picture of a beautiful pizza pops up on your Facebook feed on a Friday?