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  • Unsure of your Google ranking and how you stack up against your competitors?
  • Frustrated with the lack of traffic going to your website?
  • Baffled by online marketing and don’t know where to start?

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Would it make sense to have an open discussion to talk about the issues you are currently facing online? If so, please contact us.Contact us now

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Online marketing should make you money

You want time and cost-effective solutions to your online challenges. You may not even be sure what your online marketing challenges are! To determine who can help you (and who cannot), consider these questions:

  1. Is search engine marketing (SEM) right for my business?
    A good partner works hard to help you determine if SEM is for you – a focused, open discussion will reveal its viability. Frankly, sometimes it isn’t viable – such as when search volumes are too low, or even if the keywords you thought you wanted, are just not relevant at all. A good agency will collaborate with you, get to know your business, and help you make strategic marketing decisions when it comes to SEM. An agency that only goes for easy “targets”, and decides that Search Engine Marketing is right for you, without doing the legwork, is the agency you shouldn’t be talking to.
  2. When choosing an SEM provider, how do I know which one’s best for us?
    A fitting agency partner listens attentively and asks insightful questions, in order to analyze your business needs accurately. It studies your online market and competitors’ efforts, and identifies trends in your industry. A good agency will work with you to identify the changes that your site will need, in order to succeed. It will always strive to keep you ahead of the curve, in a world of constant changes.  It ties a return on investment (ROI) value to your campaign, and justifies the SEM spend needed to generate that ROI. Together with you, the agency explores SEM’s full potential for increasing your online effectiveness.
  3. I’ve heard contradicting claims. Who’s telling the truth?
    You’ll hear different things from different providers. Everyone promises, but the agency that best understands your business – and seeks a good fit for both you and itself – is the likeliest to provide satisfaction. Ensure your peace of mind – demand a frank, insightful discussion about your business goals before anyone focuses on features and benefits.
  4. How will our SEM success be measured?
    A good agency holds itself accountable for their claims and projections regarding ROI and increased traffic. They explain which performance indicators they track, why and how they measure them, what reports they provide you and how often. These details distinguish agencies which care about your success from the ones simply looking for a quick sale.
  5. How can we avoid being locked into a commitment that fails to yield desired results?
    No business partnership can be a 100% guaranteed perfect fit. Conscientious agencies ensure that you can, with reasonable notice, declare a ‘no fit’ and end your SEM campaign. Continuing with a non-performing campaign is never in an agency’s or your business’s best interests!